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A huge shout out is owed to the PlayStation Network engineers who kept us playing happily over the holidays. While it’s been a while since Sony’s servers faced any serious outages, it’s always worth remembering that for some unlucky technicians, Christmas is the most challenging period of the year. With new PlayStation 5 consoles being connected, a massive January sale, and lots of people off work, there’s no doubt that PSN will have been hammered this past week. The fact that everything stayed online is a testament to all the work going on behind-the-scenes.

There was a period, at the beginning of the PlayStation 4 era, where the Japanese giant simply couldn’t cope with all the demand, and its PSN services went offline frequently. These days that’s a rarity, and while there are scattered moments of downtime like with any online-based service, the company is very quick to respond. So, a tip of the hat to all those who kept us playing without any obstacles this holiday – we’ve had a blast!