Kylotonn Entertainment's WRC 9 is widely considered to be one of the best early PlayStation 5 titles to make great use of the DualSense controller, and that offering is only about to get even better with the arrival of the free December update. Available right now on PlayStation 4 and coming soon to Sony's latest system, this month's patch adds six new stages, two more cars, and an online co-op mode to truly test your friends' driving skills.

Head to Portugal as six more events give you another podium position to aim for, and do so in either the new GR Yaris Rally Concept car or the Citroen C3 livery. The new Co-Driver mode then lets you and a buddy head online to simulate the actual roles of a racer and their companion as the twosome work to combat corners and tight hairpins. A pretty cool addition, we must say.

Have you been enjoying WRC 9 on PS5? How do those adaptive triggers and haptic feedback feel? Share your thoughts in the comments below.