PS5 Podcasts

It's time to own up: how many of you subscribe to gaming podcasts, but quickly find yourself weeks behind schedule as you either forget to listen to them or simply don't find the time to? We know there's probably quite a few of you (that includes ourselves), but the PlayStation 5 appears to have a really easy way to stop that from happening. Using the console's built-in music player, you can now slap a podcast on-screen as you play a PS5 game via the new Cards system. It'll be there in the corner at all times, allowing you to easily control volume or quickly pause the audible action.

Corey Chudney on Twitter highlighted the implementation, proving how easy it is with the screenshot above. They're playing Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales in New Game+ whilst listening to the Kinda Funny spoilercast at the same time. How cool is that? Of course, the ability to do this was always there on PlayStation 4, but this way of doing things is seemingly simpler than ever before. If you don't need to listen to the game audio or you're playing a casual multiplayer match, just slap your favourite podcast on. It's that simple now.

Will you be doing this? Are you finally going to be able to keep up with all those gaming podcasts you subscribe to? Crank up the volume in the comments below.