PS5 PlayStation 5 1440p

A small but vocal number of future PlayStation 5 owners have expressed dissatisfaction with the Japanese giant’s decision not to support 1440p monitors natively. Currently, there’s no way to output at the aforementioned resolution, meaning you’ll either see an upscaled 1080p picture or a downscaled 2160p image.

However, speaking as part of an interview with AV Watch, PlayStation’s Masayasu Ito explained that there is “no technical problem at all”, meaning the functionality could potentially be added in the future with enough demand. Hideaki Nishino, who’s in charge of Platform Planning and Management, added that the company’s priority was to support televisions.

Obviously, options are always a good thing. It’s no surprise that the manufacturer put its focus on the vast majority of displays that the PS5 will be connected to, but there are still plenty of 1440p monitors out there, and it’d be nice if the company could patch in support at a later date for those people who own them.