Ghost Recon Breakpoint PS4

Damn, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint sure as hell came and went, didn't it? The tactical shooter from 2019 did not light the world on fire like its predecessor, but apparently, it has done just enough to warrant some upgrades on PlayStation 5. To be clear, these enhancements are applied to the backwards compatible version of the game. You'll be running the PlayStation 4 edition on your PS5 rather than downloading a native version. Ubisoft reveals two different modes will let you prioritise either the title's performance or visual resolution.

On PS5, you can choose between 1080P and 60 frames-per-second or 4K at the same frame rate the original game already runs at. That's an upscaled 4K resolution, by the way, so it's not native. Your Ghost Recon: Breakpoint profile will also carry over into the next generation with all inventory items and purchases intact. Will you be one of the few playing Ghost Recon: Breakpoint on PS5? Make yourself known in the comments below.