Demon's Souls is famed for allowing you to create some rather eccentric and exotic protagonists with its character creator, and that appears to be staying the same with the PlayStation 5 remake. Creative director Gavin Moore has taken to the PlayStation Blog to show off the feature as well as an all-new Photo Mode to help capture the highs and lows of death. That includes the filter which makes the game look like it came out of the PlayStation 3 era — just like the 2009 original.

You'll be able to start off with a preset face before customising everything from their hair, nose, and eyes through to scars, facial hair, and face paint. Moore states the character creator allows for 16 million different permutations, with many more options that the PS3 game didn't have. "The team is incredibly excited to see the amazing heroes (including the weird and wonderful) you will imagine."

Next up is Photo Mode, which will let you remove weapons and armour from the shot as you wish. The character can be removed entirely if you're trying to take in the scenery, specific poses and expressions can be selected, and film grain can be put over the top of the screen. "By the way, all filters are also available outside of Photo Mode during ordinary gameplay, including one designed to tune brightness, contrast and color levels to closely resemble those of the original PS3 game, for those who may prefer that classic look."

Will you be trying to create the weirdest Demon's Souls character possible for your deadly travels? And what iconic locations will you be taking pictures of? Share your plans in the comments below.