Call Of Duty Warzone PS4

Just in case you didn't already know, Call of Duty: Warzone is running a limited-time event right now themed entirely around Halloween. Titled the Haunting of Verdansk, special modes set Battle Royale matches at night while another sees players respawn as zombies upon death. Another factor to the celebration is jump scares, which can happen at any moment when opening a loot box containing weapons, cash, and items. And, well, they're really catching streamers off guard and giving them a good old scare. They've caught us out one too many times as well, giving us a fright when we least expect them.

First up in the clips below we have Gold Glove, who has shivers sent down his spine after casually opening one of the loot boxes in question. Then there's Andy Cortez of Kinda Funny, and you may want to mute that one if the kids are around. His reaction is still pretty funny, however.

The jump scares may look fairly harmless through the comfort of a casual Twitter clip, but believe us, these can seriously make you jump in the thick of the action. They certainly fit the theming though! Have you been scared by Call of Duty: Warzone yet? Make us jump in the comments below.

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