Among Us 1

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably seen the game Among Us crop up somewhere. Quietly released in 2018, the game — developed by three-person team InnerSloth — has exploded in popularity in the last few weeks. Currently, it's only available on PC and smartphones, but is the game making its way to PlayStation 4? Let's break things down a bit.

Firstly, what is this game? Among Us is a 4-10 player game about survival, cooperation, and subterfuge. Some people in a group will be imposters, and they must kill innocent players as they run about performing a handful of simple tasks. If the imposters kill enough players, they win. If the innocent party can figure out who the killers are and eject them into space, they take the victory.

Typically, if someone finds a dead body, they'll report it and a discussion phase begins. You can type messages or use voice chat apps like Discord in order to engage in conversation and deduce who the imposters might be. The tricky thing is, the imposters are also in the chat, and can of course try to shift blame onto other people. There's a little more to it, but that's the gist. It's a fascinating social game, and hardly a surprise that it's been dominating Twitch lately.

The development team recently announced and then cancelled Among Us 2 because the original game is now performing so well. The trio is going to be focusing on improving and adding to the title now that it has major momentum. But is a console port on the cards?

As reported by Inverse, it's something the team has thought about, but given the nature of the game, it's tougher than you might think. "[A console port] is something we’re starting to talk about," programmer Forest Willard said Willard said on a livestream. His main concern is how to let random online players communicate effectively, suggesting "a system for quick comms" as seen in games like Rocket League. However, simple commands or emotes wouldn't really be enough to get all the information across to others.

The solution would be voice chat, which PS4 obviously has, but not everyone could/would use it, and it's something the studio isn't sure it could implement as yet. Because the game practically requires detailed communication, you either need a streamlined way to chat with others or type messages. There are ways to do it on PS4, but the trouble is making sure communicating is easy for everyone.

So, right now, it appears that Among Us on PS4 is a ways off. However, the team is thinking about it, and has already pledged to update and improve the game over time, so you never know. Heck, maybe it'll come to PS5 in the future. Do you want to see this game come to PlayStation? Tell us in the comments section below.