How can you not fall in love with the Yakuza series? This Japanese franchise has grown to become fairly popular in the West, and we've been seeing a lot of Kamurocho on PlayStation 4. The latest iteration is Yakuza: Like a Dragon, which stars a new hero but looks just as wacky as its predecessors. A new trailer, embedded above, doubles down on the crazy fights you'll get into.

In the video, new protagonist Ichiban Kasuga and side characters move between various professions, and they all appear to give new moves in the game's turn-based combat. In true Yakuza fashion, they're all wonderfully over the top; grinding pepper into a bad guy's eyes, smashing someone over the head with a hot pan, and knocking someone out with a birthday cake are just a few methods of dealing with baddies. Perfection.

Like a Dragon is due out on PS4 on 13th November, and is coming to PS5 "soon". Are you looking forward to more Yakuza? Breakdance into the comments section below.