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Documentation submitted by Sony in Peru reveals that the PlayStation 5 will take advantage of Bluetooth 5.1 and Wi-Fi 6, meaning that its wireless performance will be better than the existing PlayStation 4. While it’s hardly a surprise that the Japanese giant is using the latest standards available for its next-gen console, it’s good to have some kind of confirmation.

Bluetooth 5.1 support, for example, will allow multiple audio devices to be connected to the same console, with less interference in closed spaces. The original PS4 utilised Bluetooth 2.1, while the PS4 Pro upgraded this to Bluetooth 4.0, so it should prove a decent upgrade. There is a newer Bluetooth 5.2 available, but presumably the manufacturer didn’t get access to it in time.

Wi-Fi 6, meanwhile, should help to reduce latency, closing the gap between wireless and wired connections. Again, these are the kind of improvements that the average consumer is not really going to notice, but it’s good to know that the platform holder is using the best possible parts in the system – every little helps, after all.

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