Chinese studios are no strangers to outsourcing for the biggest AAA titles, but local teams are beginning to tackle their own projects as well. We’ve seen signs of this through Sony’s China Hero project, which is designed to help independent devs port their titles to the PlayStation 4 and release them globally. Some highlights from the region that have been hand-picked by the Japanese giant include the promising Devil May Cry-inspired character action game Lost Soul Aside and upcoming side-scroller F.I.S.T: Forged in Shadow Torch.

The platform holder should be looking to move mountains to add Black Myth: Wu Kong to its portfolio, however, as this character action title is attracting a lot of attention online. Developed by Game Science, a team made up of ex-Tencent Games employees, this Journey to the West-inspired character action game looks utterly stunning. The larger-than-life combat has a hint of Dark Souls to it, but some of the special moves stray from the FromSoftware format, edging closer to, say, God of War.

In terms of presentation, the developer’s saying that this will release on “mainstream consoles”, but it looks decidedly next-gen to us. There’s no release date planned right now, and we have to imagine it’ll only be a matter of time before PlayStation attempts to add it to its portfolio. For now, though, check out the near-15 minute gameplay demo embedded above – it’s really good.