Far Cry 6 Collector's Edition

Last night's Far Cry 6 announcement trailer took itself pretty seriously, but if you were to dig a little deeper, you'll find out that this will probably still be an experience full of comical stupidity. Alongside the pre-order bonus of a Libertad skin for your canine companion, the Collector's Edition also includes a flamethrower. It's just a 72cm replica that doesn't actually spit flames, but it is an inclusion reminiscent of past high-priced editions that put dumb fun at the forefront of the tropical excursion.

The Collector's Edition also confirms that Far Cry 6 will receive three pieces of post-launch DLC via a season pass. As far as physical goods go, you'll also get your hands on a collector's case, an artbook, 10 stickers, an exclusive steelbook and soundtrack, a chorizo keyring, and a map of Yara. Instructions on how to put together the flamethrower and a stand to mount it on will also be included. This all retails for a hefty $199.99.

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[source ubisoft.com]