PS5 PlayStation 5 1

You didn’t think Sony was done, did you? Obviously last month’s excellent PlayStation 5 showcase was a huge success, but there are still many secrets the manufacturer’s keeping under wraps. For example, we don’t know the PS5’s price or release date, although we do have a growing list of announced PS5 games.

There’s much more to come, though, and speculation regarding an August State of Play continues to gather pace. Writing on Twitter today,’s Tom Phillips said that “Sony has first- and third-party stuff still to announce. Feels like it has quite smartly held some stuff back.” Some of these titles, which could include Silent Hill, will be showcased next month.

Microsoft is also preparing a big blowout of its own on 23rd July, and while the livestream will mostly be reserved for its own exclusive titles, we assume there’ll be some third-party content included as well. Between these two big broadcasts and Ubisoft Forward at the weekend, it should be a big couple of months for PS5 news as we edge closer to the console’s imminent launch.