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Update (1/6/20): Sony's Sid Shuman has clarified what's happening with PlayStation Blog via, well, the PlayStation Blog. In a new post, he announces that the Blog has received various updates that all will now benefit from, including any foreign language versions of the site.

Shuman also acknowledges that the European and North American PS Blogs have been rolled into one, saying simply that it "just makes sense". One important quote we can pull from this is that Blog posts will "reflect regional info for North America and the UK in one place whenever possible". In other words, any regional differences -- PS Store sales, for example -- should be apparent in each update. Thanks, Sid!

Original Story: As a PlayStation-focused website, we've always got an eye on the PlayStation Blog. This official news feed brings us all kinds of announcements, whether it's the latest PS Store sale, the new PS Plus update, or even the unveiling of the DualSense PS5 controller. The PS Blog is divided by region; there's a European version and a North American version, for instance. A lot of posts are the same, but when regional differences occur, splitting things up in this way helps you find the most relevant information. Well, it was operating this way until today.

If you try to access a region-specific PlayStation Blog now, it will redirect you to a central URL. Try to open the European site and you're brought to It seems to be based on the North American PS Blog (which also redirects to this new URL), and any European posts appear to have been archived.

We're not really sure what's going on here; perhaps Sony just wanted to tidy things up, and consolidate all the sites into one? That doesn't seem right for the reasons outlined above. If you're based in the UK, for example, the US-centric posts about sales and products are of little use. It's a strange move. Unless all of a sudden Sony is making every sale and every product the same across the globe, we don't know what this is about.

The only thing we can think of is that Sony is redirecting all PS Blog traffic into one URL because it's gearing up for something. There's a lot of talk about a PS5 reveal event as early as next week -- perhaps this is preparation for an announcement of some kind?

Whatever the case, there's now just one PlayStation Blog. How do you feel about this change? Is it a hint that something's coming? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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