Horizon Zero Dawn 2 PS5

Will Horizon Zero Dawn 2 -- or whatever it ends up being called -- be announced at tonight's PS5 event? It's always seemed like a relatively strong possibility given developer Guerrilla Games' penchant for pushing PlayStation tech, and now we've been handed what could be the biggest hint yet.

"Excited! Wonder what they will be showing today..." writes Horizon Zero Dawn composer Joris de Man on Twitter. Interestingly, similar tweets were posted by other members of the development team days ago -- but they were swiftly deleted.

Needless to say, de Man's tweet, which still exists at the time of writing, has caused quite the stir, being shared on Reddit and other forums as fans froth at the mouth. We don't like to get your hopes up, but... It feels like it's happening, right? We'll soon find out for sure.

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