PS5 PlayStation 5 Reveal Event Guide

Sony has finally announced what we've all been waiting for: a proper look at PlayStation 5 games. The fabled PS5 reveal event is very nearly upon us, and it promises to give us our first real glimpse at next generation software. It's pretty exciting.

So, when is it all going down? What games will be shown? We're going to break everything down for you right here.

When is the PS5 games reveal event?

What date and time is the PS5 reveal? We've got all the regional times listed below:

Thursday 11th June 2020

  • North America: 1pm PDT / 2pm MDT / 3pm CDT / 4pm EDT
  • UK/Ire: 9pm BST
  • Europe: 10pm CEST / 11pm EEST
  • Asia/Oceania: 5am (Fri) JST / 4am (Fri) AWST / 6am (Fri) AEST

Where can you watch the PS5 reveal event?

Sony has yet to state where it will be broadcasting its PS5 reveal event, but we can almost guarantee you'll be able to tune in via the official PlayStation YouTube and Twitch channels at the very least. Rest assured that we'll be hosting the PS5 event right here on Push Square, so check back with us on 11th June when you can watch along with us live.

What games will we see at the PS5 reveal event?

We sadly don't know anything for certain. However, we have discussed some of the potential games that might be announced during the PS5 reveal. It's speculative, but there are a lot of rumours going around.

How long is the PS5 reveal event going to be?

Sony has said that the PS5 reveal event is going to last "a bit more than an hour".

Will Sony show the PS5 console hardware during this reveal event?

We're not sure. From what Sony has said, it sounds like this is purely about PS5 games, rather than the hardware itself. We wouldn't expect to see the console during this showcase, but you never know.

Are you hyped to finally see what PS5 can do? Tell us in the comments section below.