The Last of Us Part II PS4 PlayStation 4

As you're probably aware, The Last of Us: Part II recently fell victim to some pretty severe leaks. The footage was quickly scrubbed from the web, but not before a bunch of people saw it, exposing fans to some huge spoilers. With the game just a few weeks away, it was a huge shame to see this happen, especially given Naughty Dog's series is largely driven by its characters and story.

Worse still is that a number of fans didn't take too kindly to what was shown, and have been ruining things for everyone by spreading spoilers far and wide -- not least of which on Twitter. Everything Naughty Dog or PlayStation posts about the upcoming sequel is peppered with images, videos, and memes spoiling things. The developer has had enough, it seems.

Arriving at an opportune time is Twitter's latest feature, which allows users to restrict who can reply to tweets. If, for example, you're Naughty Dog, and replies to your tweets are filled with hatred, spoilers, and trolls, you can simply turn that ability off. The studio's latest tweet shows this off beautifully:

It's great to see a post from the developer clear of spoilers, but it's not completely solved the problem. Irate people are retweeting the tweet, spreading spoilers anyway and criticising Naughty Dog for using the feature at all.

It's sad that we've reached a point where the team can't fully communicate with its fans for fear of trolls, but as usual, a vocal minority has wrecked things for everyone. This isn't the first social channel to have such restrictions imposed on official accounts; PlayStation's trailers and videos on The Last of Us 2 have comments and likes/dislikes disabled.

If you've managed to get this far without seeing a spoiler for The Last of Us: Part II, our advice would be to forget Twitter altogether, and be very careful on sites like Facebook and YouTube. Even our own comments and social channels have been affected by all this, so please watch out.