Sony is about to have one heck of a summer on PlayStation 4. Obviously, we all know about The Last of Us: Part II in June and Ghost of Tsushima in July, but Marvel's Iron Man VR is set to release right in between this pair of blockbusters. Coming 3rd July, the PSVR exclusive puts you in the red and yellow suit of the armoured avenger himself, and it's looking pretty promising.

Marvel's Iron Man VR PS4 PlayStation 4 VR PSVR 2

However, what if you've yet to jump into the world of PSVR? Sony's got your back -- it's just announced some special bundles that will get you equipped for the Tony Stark simulator. If you're in North America, the platform holder has prepared a pack that includes the PSVR headset, a PlayStation Camera, two PS Move controllers, a PSVR demo disc, and a copy of Marvel's Iron Man VR. It launches alongside the game itself at the start of July, retailing for $349.99 USD / $449.99 CDN.

Marvel's Iron Man VR PS4 PlayStation 4 VR PSVR 3

Strangely, Europe isn't getting the aforementioned bundle. Instead, the region is getting a pack that includes the game and a pair of Move wands, and that's it. This particular version will set you back €99.99 / £89.99, which seems like pretty good value. We're not sure why those across the pond are getting the full bundle and Europe isn't, but there it is.

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Anyway, are you tempted to jump into PSVR with Marvel's Iron Man VR? Will you be picking up either of these bundles? Fire your repulsor cannons in the comments section below

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