Horizon zero Dawn PS5 PlayStation 5 1

As far as we’re concerned, The Last of Us: Part II looks better than any of the next-gen games announced thus far. And while great graphics don’t always make for a great experience, they’re unquestionably one of the biggest selling-points of new systems. It may be down to Guerrilla Games to showcase exactly what PlayStation 5 is capable of, then, as many expect Horizon Zero Dawn's sequel to comprise part of Sony’s anticipated blow-out.

And a job listing on the Dutch developer’s website teases its ambition for the project, as it’s recruiting a “technical vegetation artist” (really!) which will allow its “world dressing teams [to] deliver our immersive world with industry-benchmark graphics”. Apparently, the studio has four teams dedicated to making “stunning environments”, and it showed with the original entry on PlayStation 4. We’re desperate to see what the team can do with next-gen hardware.

[source guerrilla-games.com, via respawnfirst.com]