Ghost of Tsushima Difficulty Options Hard Enemy Health

In a new interview with Ghost of Tsushima director Nate Fox over on the PlayStation Blog, it's revealed that no matter which difficulty you play the game on -- easy, normal, or hard -- your opponents will never be shrugging off your attacks as if they're nothing. This is because the health of your enemies is never increased -- Jin's sword is just as deadly on hard as it is on easy.

"No matter which difficulty players choose we never increase the health of enemies; this is to maintain the lethality of the katana. Our combat is all about the player’s skill," says Fox.

Quite frankly, we love this approach. So many games simply pump up enemy health on hard difficulties, turning your foes into total bullet sponges. In Ghost of Tsushima, your opponents will act differently, Fox explains: "On hard, the game is fair, but very challenging. Mongols are more aggressive, and players must be precise to pull off extraordinary moves."

Do you prefer this over increased enemy health? Wipe the blood from your blade in the comments section below.