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You could forgive Sony for offering more of the same with the PlayStation 5 – after all, its current generation console is one of the most successful platforms of all time. While the PlayStation 4 will be hard pushed to match the PlayStation 2’s astronomical install base, it will end the generation much more profitable, thanks to the popularity of subscription service PlayStation Plus and the cash cow PlayStation Store.

But the latest PS5 reveals demonstrate how Sony refuses to rest on its laurels; the next-gen console is constructed upon the same foundations as its predecessor, of course, but it’s promising more than just better graphics. Take the DualSense controller, for example: it’s got all the technology of the DualShock 4 inside it, but it’s bundling in haptic feedback, a microphone, and adaptive triggers. The Japanese giant wants you to “feel” its games.

There’s been a lot of talk about teraflops, too, but developers appear to be unanimous: PS5 will change the way games are designed. That’s because its super-fast SSD hard drive will not just improve loading times, but allow for bigger, better, richer worlds. This is about more than just fast-travel or retries; it’s about constructing sandboxes without bottlenecks, and campaigns that can transport you to entirely different locations in the blink of an eye.

DualSense Controller PS5 PlayStation 5 Sony 1

We also believe the emphasis on 3D audio is fairly bold – especially when you consider the fact that sound is one of the most underrated aspects of games. The PS5’s Tempest Engine sounds absurdly powerful, and the effort that Sony’s investing into it beggars belief – it even wants to map out the shape of your skull and position of your ears so that it can offer the most precise simulation possible. Above and beyond.

In raw hardware terms, the PS5 and Xbox Series X are closer than any two consoles have ever been in generations past. But from where we’re sitting, Sony’s made the right decision with its device: very few players will notice a few extra lines of pixels, but we’re all going to experience the added immersion made possible by the DualSense controller, Tempest Engine, and ultra-fast SSD.

Are you excited for the unique experiences that will only be made possible through the PS5? What are your thoughts on the DualSense controller now you've had time to process it? Join the next-gen in the comments section below.