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Dolby Atmos may technically be a competitor to PlayStation 5’s proprietary 3D audio technology, but it still seems excited for the Tempest Engine, which was detailed by lead architect Mark Cerny last week. As part of an FAQ on its website, the organisation said that Sony’s announcement is a “crucial moment” which “can only be interpreted as a validation of the work we have done across all entertainment genres”.

Still, while it was largely complimentary of the Japanese giant’s efforts, it did have a bone to pick with the PlayStation maker. During his presentation, Cerny insinuated that Dolby Atmos could only simulate sound for 32 objects in 3D space where the PS5’s Tempest Engine can handle hundreds. Dolby Atmos countered that its solution can also accommodate hundreds of sounds, but it concluded that while “more is good [it’s] not necessarily better”.

It said: “We fall back on sage advice from developers of some of the first Dolby Atmos games: objects are a fantastic tool, but restraint should be shown with respect to the number of objects active at any time. Too many objects in motion can create a confusing soundscape.”

Despite the slightly barbed disagreement on utilisation, Dolby Atmos was generally very optimistic about Sony’s efforts. “We are excited to hear that Sony has committed to an evolution of its audio by establishing a bona-fide 3D audio platform for the PS5,” it concluded. “Tempest is not only a great name, but a great reference to one of our favourite arcade classics, as well.”