Outside of the odd PlayStation VR title, the PlayStation 4 has been frighteningly light on boxing games. It’s been almost ten years since EA released Fight Night Champion, and while fans have been clamouring for a follow-up, the publisher appears to have kyboshed the series with a firm right hook. There’s plenty of opportunity for eSports Boxing Club to enter the ring, then.

Developed by UK-based indie studio Steel City Interactive, the company’s promising a “boxing simulation featuring a full career mode”. The blurb continues: “Featuring an exciting roster lineup of boxers across the globe from multiple weight divisions [and] a full fight commentary team including Paul Dempsey and Johnny Nelson.”

We wouldn’t expect this to have the production values of EA’s prestigious Fight Night franchise, but it’s at least exciting to see a studio throw its collective hat into the ring at last. Have you been disappointed by the distinct lack of boxing games on the PS4 so far? Do you think this title has any chance of satiating your fisticuff cravings? Knock us out in the comments section below.

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