4. Resident Evil (PS4)

Resident Evil (PS4)Resident Evil (PS4)
Publisher: Capcom / Developer: Capcom
Release Date: 20th Jan 2015 (USA) / 21st Jan 2015 (UK/EU)

The original PSone survival horror classic is still up there with the best. Remade on the Nintendo Gamecube and then given an HD coating on the PS4, Resident Evil now shines in the current generation with updated visuals and minor tweaks to make it a better playing game. Tank controls are now only an option, although the wonderfully atmospheric fixed camera angles remain. Those, along with some of the best cheesy dialogue in video games, make Resident Evil an experience still more than worth returning to. It's a wonderful game, and worth it just to see how far the franchise has come.

3. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (PS4)

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (PS4)Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (PS4)
Publisher: Capcom / Developer: Capcom
Release Date: 24th Jan 2017 (USA) / 24th Jan 2017 (UK/EU)

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard represents a major change in tone for Capcom. Told from the perspective of a first-person camera, it's an entirely original undertaking with very, very few ties to the games that came before it. And because of that, it gets to be more terrifying than ever. Limited ammunition, a smaller field of view, and a horrifying family of enemies take Resident Evil 7 in a bold, new direction that pays homage to its roots while also scaring its fans all over again. The next mainline title will most likely continue this lineage, and if the trials and tribulation of Ethan Winter are anything to go by, this new take on the series could lead to its best entries yet.

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2. Resident Evil 2 (PS4)

Resident Evil 2 (PS4)Resident Evil 2 (PS4)
Publisher: Capcom / Developer: Capcom
Release Date: 25th Jan 2019 (USA) / 25th Jan 2019 (UK/EU)

Is Resident Evil 2 the greatest remake of all time? It is most certainly up there. Having already undergone the treatment that Resident Evil is set to receive in just a handful of months time, Leon S. Kennedy's inaugural appearance is better than ever as its 2019 facelift brings the title into the modern age with a new perspective, vastly improved visuals, and a Mr X who ranks as one of the scariest villains in all of video games.

The Raccoon Police Department has never been more nightmarishly atmospheric, the zombies are at their most intimidating, and what lurks below the Raccoon City streets has never shone brighter. Resident Evil 2 does the original experience justice, making for one of the franchise's very, very best entries.

1. Resident Evil 4 (PS4)

Resident Evil 4 (PS4)Resident Evil 4 (PS4)
Publisher: Capcom / Developer: Capcom
Release Date: 30th Aug 2016 (USA) / 30th Aug 2016 (UK/EU)

The king reclaims its rightful throne once more. Resident Evil 4 is one of the greatest games of all time, and still the best instalment in the series. What needs to be said about this title has already been repeated a thousand times -- such is the rate at which Capcom has ported the game to every platform under the sun. However, that doesn't take away from how truly special it actually is.

It's the quintessential Resident Evil experience that blends action with horror to a tee, brimming with memorable characters and locations we could visit time and time again. From the desolate Spanish villages and their wooden huts containing all manner of foreboding Las Plagas through to Saddler's almighty castle, Resident Evil 4 is the closest to perfection the series might ever get.

And there you have it, that's our ranking of the core Resident Evil franchise. Do you agree with our list, or would a certain game be better placed elsewhere? Is Resident Evil 4 your favourite too? Stock up on ammo in the comments below.