Announced a couple of months back for PlayStation 4, developer Reco Technology has already gone and slapped a release date on its turn-based strategy title named 1971 Project Helios. Take a step back in time and visit this alternate reality where meteor strikes plunged Earth into a new ice age on Tuesday 9th June 2020.

As detailed back in February, in 1971 Project Helios you'll control eight different characters across turn-based battles and exploration of a truly chilling environment. Three factions will be the stopgap between you and the successful rescue of a key scientist, with skill trees to work through and upgrades to unlock along the way. Think XCOM 2 and you're along the right tracks.

The upcoming summer months are looking rather bleak when it comes to PS4 releases thanks to the Coronavirus, so this indie title could provide a welcome distraction to the events of the current climate. Are you going to check out 1971 Project Helios this June? Await your turn in the comments below.