1971 Project Helios is what happens when huge meteors crash into Earth in 1942, kickstarting a new ice age which brings about extreme temperatures and violent storms. Planned for release on PlayStation 4 in the coming months, it's a turn-based strategy game which doesn't sound like it'll be giving you a helping hand.

The Reco Technology developed title tasks you with taking control of eight survivors who are united by the need to bring humanity back from the brink of extinction. As the PlayStation Blog puts it, you'll "travel through military enclaves and medieval dungeons, encountering and battling different factions, each boasting unique combatants, strategies and strengths."

You'll be able to unlock new skills as the eight characters progress through the game, upgrade their equipment, and make personal decisions which lead to different endings when all is said and done. It appears to be shaping up nicely, providing an interesting alternative to XCOM 2. Are you looking for another turn-based strategy game to play? Does this whet your appetitie? Await your turn in the comments below.

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