The PlayStation 4 release of Predator: Hunting Grounds has slowly crept up on us, situated rather snugly in between Final Fantasy VII Remake and The Last of Us: Part II. It represents Sony's first major foray into the world of multiplayer gaming for quite some time, and better yet, you can get a taste of it for free with an open beta this weekend.

The trailer above provides more context, detailing the sort of abilities you'll have access to as the Predator itself as well as the customisation aspect of the alien. You can change its headgear and even unlock new weapons as you progress.

The Predator: Hunting Grounds trial weekend starts on Friday 27th March and lasts through to the Sunday, with a PlayStation Plus subscription required to take part. We weren't too hot on the multiplayer shooter when we played it at EGX 2019, so let's hope a lot of work has been put into the project since then. Are you going to check out Predator: Hunting Grounds this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.