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There have been several pretenders, but now Google has managed to squeeze the critically acclaimed Tilt Brush on the PlayStation 4. Ported by Falcon Age creators Outerloop Games, this package is considered a “staple in the virtual reality content creation space” and “encourages free-flowing creation with paint brushes ranging from the expressive to the mind-bending”.

“Tilt Brush has an amazing existing community of artists and we can’t wait for new PlayStation users to become a part of it,” said co-creator Patrick Hackett on the PlayStation Blog. “You’ll be able to browse the Showcase of art in Tilt Brush to check out sketches from the community, as well as share your sketches with the world by uploading them to Poly, our online viewing platform.”

Those of you in the United States will also be able to grab an exclusive bundle featuring a copy of the game and two PlayStation Move controllers for $99.99. The set will be available from the PlayStation Direct store, and you can find out more through here. The rest of you will be able to download the title when it shadow drops onto the PlayStation Store later today.

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