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While we’d expected this year to be all about PlayStation 5, a combination of coronavirus and Sony’s general reluctance means we’ve had to make do with a logo thus far. Fortunately, that similar-looking symbol has gone on to become one of the most liked gaming images in Instagram history, but there’s no doubt that fans’ patience is beginning to wear thin as forum goers bemoan the lack of information.

Microsoft, perhaps in dire need of publicity wins, has been much more outspoken about its device – and it’s allowed tech experts Digital Foundry to peek behind the curtain as part of a colossal Xbox Series X expose. It’s a dense read, but it ultimately boils down to an eye-watering 12.155 teraflops of GPU compute power – double that of the already potent Xbox One X.

We’ll leave you to read the full breakdown or sister site Pure Xbox’s summary, but features that could certainly have Sony sweating include the ability to suspend multiple games at once, as well as system-wide optimisations to reduce screen tear and input lag. Perhaps most interesting of all, the Redmond firm’s continued investment into backwards compatibility means all titles will be updated to support HDR.

It’ll be interesting to see whether this new information coaxes Sony out of its slumber, or whether coronavirus has seriously impeded its communication plans for PS5. The world will be listening when the Japanese giant eventually decides to speak, but after catching Microsoft cold with a series of Wired reports last year, it feels like it’s been all together too quiet of late.

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