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  • News PS3 Messaging System to Be Stripped of PS4, PS Vita Support

    Last legs

    Is this the beginning of the very end for Sony's PlayStation 3 console? It could be. The Japanese giant has announced that from 30th June, the PS3 will no longer possess the ability to send messages to other platforms such as the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, nor will it be able to receive them. The last-gen platform can still trade...

  • News Dreams Photorealism Has Pretty Much Everyone Flabbergasted

    Wait, what?

    What’s possible in PlayStation 4 exclusive Dreams? Perhaps we should ask what isn’t possible at this point. Talented creator BadRobo82 has been attracting attention all weekend with some staggeringly photorealistic scenes, with the below river sequence proving particularly popular. At times, it’s genuinely difficult to tell whether...

  • News NieR Replicant Coming to PS4 with 10 Year Anniversary Revival

    Original game getting an upgrade for PS4

    Here's a very brief history lesson. 10 years ago, the original NieR came to PlayStation 3 in the West with no subtitle, and no differences between platforms. However, over in Japan, there were two versions of the RPG: NieR Gestalt on Xbox 360, and NieR Replicant on PS3. The West played the former regardless...

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  • Guide Best PS4 Local Multiplayer Games

    The best offline multiplayer games on PlayStation 4

    What are some of the best PS4 local multiplayer games? Which couch multiplayer games should you play on PS4? While many titles offer great online experiences, nothing quite beats local multiplayer together with friends and family in the same room. Finding the right game can quickly turn four best...

  • Guide Best PS4 FPS Games

    Shoot to kill

    FPS games, or first person shooters, have evolved a lot over the last couple of generations. The genre has become broad and surprisingly varied, boasting titles that cover a wide range of themes, tones, and concepts. Whether you're into sci-fi, real world wars, or you just like filling ugly monsters with lead, your craving for guns and...

  • News PS5 Is 'Awesome' and 'The Most Exciting Hardware in 20 Years'

    High praise ahead of deep dive

    Now that Sony has officially announced that we'll be getting PlayStation 5 information tomorrow (the 17th March at the time of writing), some juicy quotes are beginning to pop up online as the hype train leaves the station. On Twitter, id Software's lead engine programmer Billy Khan chimes in: "PS5 details will...

  • News Twitter Isn't Too Happy About This Clip of The Last of Us 2 Gameplay

    Bloody hellie

    Yesterday, developer Naughty Dog posted what seemed like a pretty innocuous tweet about its upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, The Last of Us: Part II. In said tweet, the studio talks about Ellie's more agile gameplay, with the ability to reach more areas and overcome more obstacles than Joel in the first game. It's something we already...

  • News Microsoft Responds to PS5 Deep Dive with Confidence in 2020 Launch for Xbox Series X

    Cut the turkey

    Update: And just as quickly as this story got out, Geoff Keighley is here to debunk it. He says on Twitter: "Sources tell me the Xbox Series X release date is unchanged and still "Holiday 2020." There is no announcement today about a release date." We don't know how this update to the website managed to get out all of a sudden,...

  • Reaction PS5 Deep Dive Was As Expected, But Was Shockingly Misjudged

    Are you Cerny?

    Even if Sony’s big PlayStation 5 deep dive was exactly what the platform holder said it would be, it was not what rabid fans wanted to see. The manufacturer has been blue-balling gamers for months now, keeping the most intimate details of its next-gen device underwraps. It’s now pulled back the curtain

  • News Japanese PS Plus Members Got a Far Better Free Game Than Sonic Forces

    How lucky!?

    If you weren't too happy about getting Sonic Forces for free with your PlayStation Plus subscription this month, look away now. Those residing in Japan and southeast Asia have been given Monster Hunter: World as part of their membership throughout March and April, making us extremely jealous in the process. What's more, subscribers get...

  • Guide PS5 Deep Dive - What Time Is It?

    New PS5 information incoming

    What time is Sony's PS5 deep dive? The platform holder has just announced it will be revealing some new information about PlayStation 5. The platform holder has been quiet for a long time, but it now seems it's ready to divulge some fresh facts about its upcoming next-gen console. Below, we're going to give you all the...

  • Live Watch the PS5 Deep Dive Video Right Here

    Mark Cerny brings the goods on PS5

    The wait is over. Sony is finally peeling back the curtain on PlayStation 5, giving us a fresh batch of information on its next generation console. You'll be able to watch lead system architect, the calming Mark Cerny, outline everything in the video livestream shortly. The PS5 deep dive video, titled 'The Road to...

  • Guide What PS5 Information to Expect from Sony's Deep Dive

    All the PlayStation 5 announcements you should anticipate

    Sony will provide a deep dive on the PlayStation 5 this week, and you can find dates, times, and details on where to watch through the link. This broadcast was originally intended to be a part of the Game Developers Conference, which was

  • News PS5 Deep Dive Announced, System Architecture and the Future of Games

    Watch live at PlayStation Blog

    Is this it, everyone? We think this is it. Sony has just shared word that it plans to "provide a deep dive into PS5’s system architecture, and how it will shape the future of games" tomorrow via a livestream on the PlayStation Blog. The event will be hosted by PS5 lead architect Mark Cerny. Tune in tomorrow,...

  • News Fans Show Displeasure at Disappointing Road to PS5 Reveal

    A non-event

    Seven years ago, Sony put Mark Cerny up on stage to talk about the road to the PlayStation 4. It was a fascinating presentation that delved into the nitty gritty of designing the company’s uber-popular platform – the only difference is that it was publicly published several weeks after the full official reveal of the system itself...

  • News PS5 Comes with 825GB of Internal Storage on SSD

    Save your games

    While the PlayStation 4 initially came with a 500GB hard drive upon its launch back in 2013 and the PS4 Pro doubled that to 1TB, the PlayStation 5 will sit in between the two. The next-gen console will have a custom 825GB solid-state hard drive. What's important to note here is that SSDs are known to be far better than the standard...

  • News PS5 Backwards Compatibility Will Support 'Almost' All PS4 Games

    No sign of PS3, PS2, or PSone

    As part of its PlayStation 5 deep dive reveal, Sony reiterated that the next-gen console will support backwards compatibility with PlayStation 4 games. However, it doesn't sound like every single game released for the console will be supported at launch. As part of the presentation, system architect Mark Cerny stated...

  • News PS5 Gets Rid of PS4 Game Installing and File Copying

    As we know it

    The PlayStation 5's custom SSD sounds seriously impressive. Not only does it apparently allow the console to eliminate load times, it also fundamentally changes how the system deals with data. During the PS5 deep dive with Mark Cerny, the soft-spoken host details how annoyances like game installations and update file copying will be...

  • News PS5 Has Less Teraflops Than Xbox Series X, Has 10.28 Teraflops of GPU Power

    Box clever

    The PlayStation 5 deep dive is happening right now but has already posted a full breakdown of the next-gen console's specifications. The standout detail is that the PS5 will come packaged with 10.28 Teraflops of GPU power. With the Xbox Series X coming in at 12 Teraflops, the Team in Green beats out Sony in this regard...

  • Round Up What Was Announced During Sony's PS5 Deep Dive Reveal?

    All the PS5 announcements

    Sony has finally fully revealed the PlayStation 5 console to the world, debuting some of the new features which are set to change the gaming industry forever as well as talking up the specs which will define the next generation. It's shaping up to be a fantastic platform, but what did the Japanese giant actually announce at...

  • News EU PlayStation Store Mega March Sale Discounts Lots of PS4 Games

    Grab the bargains

    Sony's previous EU PlayStation Store sale waved goodbye mere hours ago, but that creates an opportunity for yet another bundle of discounts to entice you into spending some money. The Mega March sale is here, and while it doesn't contain quite as many appealing prices, we're sure you'll still be able to uncover a good deal or two...

  • News Square Enix Confirms No Delay for Final Fantasy VII Remake, But Physical Copies Could Be Postponed

    Due to coronavirus

    With the release date for Final Fantasy VII Remake fast approaching, Square Enix has issued a statement with regards to the ongoing coronavirus situation and how it could impact the game's launch. The good news is that Final Fantasy VII Remake has not been delayed. It's still set to release on the 10th April 2020. The bad news is...

  • Talking Point Did Sony's PS5 Deep Dive Live Up to the Hype?

    PlayStation presents

    The PlayStation 5 has arrived. Sony just lifted the lid off its next-generation console with a livestream that focused on the system architecture and what that means for the future of video games. Helmed by the console lead Mark Cerny, we got a good look at the 825GB solid-state drive and some more details on how many Teraflops...

  • News PS5 Launch Still on Track for Holiday 2020, Despite Coronavirus

    PlayStation 5's release date unaffected so far

    Sony is still planning to release the PlayStation 5 at some point during Holiday 2020, despite coronavirus threatening to disrupt its plans. The news comes courtesy of BAAS Amsterdam, the organisation responsible for handling public relations for Sony Interactive Entertainment Benelux. Apparently, a...

  • Rumour PS5 Deep Dive Video Is 52 Minutes Long

    A full presentation

    The incoming PlayStation 5 deep dive video -- which premieres on YouTube in just under two hours at the time of writing -- may be longer than we first thought. If you embed the video onto a site other than YouTube and hit play, you're greeted with a very brief look at the video's length before it snaps back to the premiere...

  • Poll So, Er, Was That PS5 Deep Dive Audience Real or Not?

    The big question

    Forget about backwards compatibility, raytracing, and teraflops for a hot minute – was that audience real or not? You’ve got to cut Sony a little bit of slack here: it originally inten

  • News Here's How PS5 Handles Expanded Storage

    External HDDs, NVMe drives to work with PS5

    The PlayStation 5 comes packing an 825GB SSD, where you'll be able to store all your PS4 and PS5 games. However, with lots of big titles being the size they are these days, that's going to fill up pretty quickly. Will you be able to expand PS5's on-board storage? The answer is a definitive "yes", and...

  • News Fan Noise Shouldn't Be a Problem for PS5

    Sony adopts a new system

    The PlayStation 4 can get really loud. Chances are that if you're a regular user, you'll have heard your PS4's fans kick into gear at some point, and with older consoles, it can be especially noticeable. But dreaded fan noise may be a thing of the past when it comes to the PlayStation 5. During the PS5 deep dive with system...

  • News PS5 'Blindingly Fast' SSD Enables 'Instantaneous' Load Times

    Blink and you'll miss it

    "Blink and you'll miss it," says Mark Cerny, chief architect on the PlayStation 5. During the new developer-focused deep dive, Cerny broke down what could possibly end up being the system's biggest selling point outside of games: the custom SSD. Said SSD sounds seriously impressive. Without getting too technical, the...

  • News PS5's 3D Audio Could Quietly Be a Game Changer

    Surround sound

    No one ever talks about audio when announcing new consoles, so it’s refreshing for Sony to place a huge spotlight on an oft-overlooked component. Those of you who’ve experienced sound on PlayStation VR will know what a huge game changer 3D audio can be, and it’s one of the core tenets of the PlayStation 5 courtesy of the Tempest...

  • Rumour Tales from the Borderlands 2 Teased, Redux Version of Original Game Planned

    With new content

    Tales from the Borderlands might be getting a sequel if this leaked set of clips from Reddit are anything to go by. Posted on the aptly named gamingleaksandrumours sub-Reddit, two lengthy pieces of footage appear to be cut from an upcoming trailer announcing Tales from the Borderlands: Redux for a 2020 release and then teasing a...

  • News Resident Evil 3 Recap Trailer Tells the Series' Story Up to Now

    Get caught up

    If Resident Evil 3 is somehow going to be the very first entry you play in Capcom's horrifying franchise, you might want to take note of this latest trailer. The publisher has recapped the events leading up to the Raccoon City incident we'll be revisiting next month with a five-minute story explanation. Focusing on Resident Evil and...

  • News Video Game Engagement Up 75% Amidst Coronavirus Lockdowns

    Beats out video streaming

    Much of the world has been told to stay at home during these extremely uncertain times, and for many, video games are a welcome, temporary retreat from the worries of the current climate. Their ability to take your mind off of things, at least for a little bit, has never been more true than right now as Verizon claims that...

  • News Final Fantasy VII Remake Adds Some Entirely New Areas to Midgar

    The big city

    At this point it's not exactly a surprise, but Final Fantasy VII Remake will introduce players to some entirely new areas inside Midgar. With the game taking place exclusively within the city's walls, Square Enix has had to expand the location significantly. Not only are places from the original title being fleshed out, but whole new...

  • News Trials of Mana Demo Out Now on PS4, Progress Carries Over to Full Game

    The adventure begins

    In case you haven't heard, classic action role-playing game Trials of Mana as been remade, and it's coming to PlayStation 4 in April. But you won't have to wait over a month to try the title for yourself, as there's a playable demo available right now on the PlayStation Store. Said demo weighs in at around 7GB, and it'll give...

  • News Warborn Is Mecha Ready for Its June 2020 Release on PS4

    Turn-based anime

    If you love anime and tactical, turn-based titles such as XCOM 2, the latest experience from developer Raredrop Games might be for you. Warborn is its name, announced for PlayStation 4 last October, and it'll be arriving on Sony's current-gen console later this year on 12th June 2020. The game's director Josh Regan takes a deep...

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  • News Coronavirus Could Very Well Lead to PS4 Game Delays

    It's coming

    We’re in uncharted territory, and it doesn’t look like things are going to settle down anytime soon. The current coronavirus epidemic has already claimed several video game casualties, with the cancellation of E3 2020 being the most notable thus far. But with the PlayStation 5 increasingly likely to face a delay, we could also see...

  • News PS5 Delay Likely Due to Coronavirus, Analyst Claims

    Manufacturing already impacted

    The probability of PlayStation 5 launching during its previously announced Holiday 2020 release window is dwindling by the day, and one analyst believes there’s now a “strong likelihood” the next-gen system will be pushed into 2021 due to the repercussions of the coronavirus crisis.

  • News Rockstar the Latest Games Company to Tackle Coronavirus

    Implements work from home policies

    Rockstar is the latest gaming company to deviate from its day-to-day routine in response to the coronavirus. The developer and publisher revealed its plans in a statement on Twitter, writing that it has now "implemented work from home policies across international offices and studios". It continues: "We are...

  • News Call of Duty: Warzone Played by More Than 15 Million

    How many Gulag trips?

    Update: Activision has announced that 15 million players have tried Call of Duty: Warzone within four days of its release. Original Article: We were extremely confident that Call of Duty: Warzone would be a big hit with the Battle Royale masses, and Activision has quickly proven that hunch to be correct by revealing the...

  • News Platinum Developing Proprietary Engine for Next-Gen Action Games

    Bigger, more expressive titles

    It’s exciting times at developer PlatinumGames right now, with some huge projects in production, including the upcoming Project G.G. Now the Japanese developer has revealed that, in addition to self-publishing its future titles, it’ll also be creating a proprietary engine to power them. “Our Research and...

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