The Wii U exclusive everybody claims to love but nobody actually bought -- The Wonderful 101 -- has been the subject of many a wishlist when it comes to the sort of games Nintendo fans would love to see ported to the Switch. Speculation of it actually happening has been rampant over the past couple of days to the point where we can be safe in saying that an announcement is supposedly due on Monday, but there's a twist in the tail. The Wonderful 101 is also coming to PlayStation 4, although you'll have to pledge some money on Kickstarter to make it happen.

First reported earlier today by GameXplain, the popular YouTube channel managed to confirm details of the port through two separate anonymous sources, while Liam Robertson tweeted out: "Kickstarter thing for TW101 is true. I waited for Platinum to announce it on their terms. The reveal was set for Monday." What's more, Platinum Games already has a Kickstarter profile set to private, which you can view through here. We think we're very safe in saying that this rumour is very much a real thing.

So, what actually is The Wonderful 101? Described as an action-adventure title where you control a group of superheroes from an isometric perspective, our friends over at Nintendo Life loved the Wii U exclusive when it launched back in August 2013 -- awarding it a 9/10. "It's not perfect, with some control quirks, fiddly moments and a multiplayer mode that feels tacked on, but so much about this title is thrilling. There's simply no other game on the market with such a focus on ridiculous fun - this really is a must-have title for the Wii U." That sort of praise didn't translate into sales, however, as the game infamously sold less than 5,300 copies in its first week on the market in Japan and didn't manage to crack the top 20 in the UK's sales charts.

We don't know how much Platinum Games will be asking for in order to fund a PS4 port, but it sounds like all will be revealed at the turn of the new week. Have you played The Wonderful 101? Are you happy that it appears to be headed to PS4? Let us know in the comments below.

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