PS Plus PlayStation Plus March 2020 PS4 Shadow of the Colossus Sonic Forces

March 2020's PlayStation Plus games have been revealed, and the reaction appears to have been pretty darn positive. If you happened to miss the announcement, PS Plus subscribers are getting two PlayStation 4 titles next week: Shadow of the Colossus and Sonic Forces. The former is an unmissable remake as far as we're concerned, while the latter might be... Kind of fun? One for the kids? Maybe worth a shot at least.

But the general consensus seems to be that Sony's offered up two good months in a row now, with February's lineup of BioShock: The Collection and The Sims 4 being similarly well received. But we don't want to deal in generalisations -- we want to know what you think. Are you happy with March 2020's selection? Vote in our polls, and then give us an honest opinion in the comments section below.

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