Monster Hunter: World may have introduced an entirely new audience to Capcom’s colossus co-op series, but it still generally attracts the hardest of hardcore – well, the type of punters who won’t take too kindly to a Milla Jovovich movie adaptation. These posters, revealed exclusively by IGN, are already drawing ire from the franchise’s community, despite them looking somewhat faithful to the source material.

Jovovich – who’s no stranger to video game adaptations, of course, having played Alice in the Resident Evil films for years – has been cast as a character called Lieutenant Artemis, and we see her helming a Giant Jawblade. The other poster, meanwhile, depicts The Hunter, played by Tony Jaa. He’s equipped with a Great Hunter’s Bow.

Despite the relatively authentic items, the film’s plot will be different to the games, as the aforementioned “Artemis and her unit of elite soldiers are transported from our world to one filled with monsters”. It’s being directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, who previously worked on Biohazard’s big screen conversions, so expect plenty of schlock and at least some appreciation for the original games. It's due out on 4th September.