Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2

Unless you haven't been keeping up, you probably already know that the complete Final Fantasy VII Remake experience is being developed and released in parts. The first part, simply titled Final Fantasy VII Remake, takes the early-game Midgar story arc from the original PSone classic, and supposedly adds a huge amount of depth to proceedings -- to the point where Square Enix has said on multiple occasions that each part of the Remake series will be equal in length to a full Final Fantasy game.

Outside of speculation and educated guesswork, we don't know anything about Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 yet, but Square Enix has at least confirmed that development of the second instalment has not been impacted by the recent Final Fantasy VII Remake delay.

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Indeed, if Part 1 had stuck to its original March release date, we'd likely be playing it for review purposes right now -- but it was pushed back to the 10th April. When asked if the delay would have any effect on the company's plans for Part 2 at a recent financial briefing, Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda simply said, "no, it will not".

Again, we don't have any concrete information on Part 2 other than the fact that it's currently in development, but it's still good to know that Part 1's delay hasn't altered the overall plan.