Techland's post-launch support of Dying Light has been nothing short of phenomenal. Dying Light: The Following was a huge expansion which added an entirely new area to explore, but free pieces of DLC supported that content drop in the lead up to it and long afterwards. And five years after the base game's release, the developer is celebrating all of that. You'll be able to purchase a new set of weapons and download another difficulty mode on PlayStation 4.

The weapon set includes a pipe which boosts damage after three or more consecutive hits by 50%, a sledgehammer, and a double-barreled shotgun packing bonus damage and bullet speed, a 50% increase in reload speed, and the ability to shoot both shells at once. It'll be available on the PlayStation Store for $2.99. Meanwhile, a Story Mode difficulty focuses the experience on story and exploration, rather than survival.

All this definitely makes great reading for Dying Light 2 and the selection of content it'll receive after launch, whenever that may be. Let's hope it's still this year. Have you played Dying Light before? Parkour into the comments below.