Trophies PS4

You had the PlayStation Wrap Up a few weeks back, except it’s now time to get to the really important stuff -- Trophies! The folks over at TrueTrophies have produced a page where you can get all the nitty and gritty facts which detail your hunt for Trophies and it's well worth checking out if you love adding Platinums to your collection.

All you need to do is head to TrueTrophies, sign up for an account and you'll be presented with all the stats your heart desires from the past decade. Whether it's the quickest completion of a Trophy list you're looking for, the slowest, or even the rarest one, you'll be able to uncover all with a quick sign-up. TrueTrophies also lists your three rarest overall Trophies, breaks down your most played genres with a gigantic pie chart, and lets you know which day you earned the most Trophies on.

It's a neat little feature which really puts the Trophy system into context, proving its popularity to the world in the process. So, what's the rarest Trophy you've unlocked? The quickest Platinum? Share your results in the comments below.