In case you were still suspicious of the presumed PlayStation 5 development kit shots that have been doing the rounds across the internet these past couple of months, one more leak may tip you over into becoming a believer. That's right, even more images of the console developers are using across the globe to make PS5 games on have made their way onto the net, but they come from a rather unlikely source.

As you can see in the Facebook post below, which was then shared on ResetEra, a cleaner doing the rounds assumedly after-hours snapped a couple of pictures and posted them to the social media website. "Please do not share this" they begged, but this is the internet so that was never going to happen. Get a load of the shots for yourself below.


This PS5 devkit retains the unusual shape we've come to see time and time again from these leaks, with a V-shaped hole at the front along with blue text spelling out some all-important networking details. The controller once again looks very similar to the PlayStation 4's current DualShock pad, which lines up with what Wired detailed when the website saw the machine for itself in person last year. Don't forget that the PS5 expected to hit store shelves at the end of 2020 is very unlikely to resemble what you see above -- it's just a machine developers use to produce their titles on.

What do you make of the PS5 development kit? Do you hope Sony actually retains the design? Let us know in the comments below.