We were rather sceptical of Terminator: Resistance when it was announced back in September thanks to the developer's patchy track record. Reef Entertainment's last title was Rambo: The Video Game, and, well, Push Square awarded that a 2/10 in our review. Thankfully, however, this Terminator spin-off seems to be shaping up a little better.

The game's opening 10 minutes have been posted online for all to see, and to be honest, it doesn't look that bad. It's clearly going to be a rather simplistic first-person shooter, but that's not such a bad thing in an age of Games as a Service titles that demand you learn numerous mechanics and play for more than 100 hours. It's out on PlayStation 4 next month on 3rd December, meaning it could be a nice way to round out 2019.

Are you interested in taking on the Terminator next month? Survive in the comments below.

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