What will the PS5 look like? It's a question we won't know the answer to until sometime next year, but where's the harm in having a good guess? European retail chain MediaMarkt Saturn has taken a stab at producing a concept for Sony's next-gen machine, and you can see the results for yourself in the above video (thanks, LetsGoDigital).

The retailer's PlayStation 5 concept looks significantly different from what we know the dev kit to look like, as it should; the final product is going to be much better looking than that monstrosity. The short clip showing off the hardware cites some info we already know about, such as the built-in SSD, ray tracing, and the controller's haptic feedback. However, it also makes its own suggestions about some neat features for the PS5.

For example, MediaMarkt Saturn suggests the possibility of wireless charging by placing the PS5 controllers on top of the console. How about a touchscreen built into the pad, something that was rumoured a while ago? It also mentions the possibility of backwards compatibility with all PlayStation games and systems, which would be amazing, but is probably unrealistic.

This concept is mostly just for fun, but it's not bad. We're sure the real PS5 will look completely different, and some of the features dreamed up here may not be included in the final design. What do you think of MediaMarkt Saturn's effort? Will the PS5 look anything like this? Would you be happy if it did? Tell us what you think the console will look like in the comments below.

[source youtube.com, via nl.letsgodigital.org]