Ghost Recon: Breakpoint hasn't had the best of times since its lacklustre launch, although French publisher Ubisoft has made its usual commitment to updating and improving the game throughout its lifespan. That really kicks into gear on Thursday with the arrival of the experience's first endgame raid, titled Project Titan.

It will be available to all players for free on PlayStation 4, but you'll need to download what will presumably be a sizable update beforehand. The teaser trailer above takes players to a volcanic island which houses tropical life, waterfalls, and some sort of bizarre door-like contraption. Yeah, we're having a tough time describing what it is exactly.

Our first raid takes you to a remote island with an active volcano, where you’ll face lethal challenges and opponents. Even with up to four co-op players and top-tier communication, you’ll need to use every skill you’ve learned to survive Project Titan. Free to play and fully replayable, raids are also a chance to earn exclusive rewards. And they'll get even hotter after release, with new weekly rules to keep players on their toes.

We're sure this will be a good time, but are you heading back to Ghost Recon: Breakpoint to check this new content out? Raise your gear score in the comments below.