PS5 PlayStation 5 Controller Guide 1

What will PlayStation 5's controller be like? What new features will the PS5 controller have? What is the DualShock 5 going to look like? There are lots of questions floating around about the PS5's pad, and fortunately, Sony has started to reveal more about the next-gen controller. In this guide, we're going to tell you everything we know so far about the PS5 controller.

What will the PS5 controller be called?

It's almost a certainty that the official name of the PlayStation 5's controller will be DualShock 5. Every PlayStation controller since Sony introduced analog sticks to the PSone pad has been called DualShock, with the platform holder adding a number to match the corresponding console. The only change to this formula so far was the initial PS3 controller, which was originally named SIXAXIS, but Sony soon swapped back. We'd be quite surprised if Sony called the PS5 controller anything other than DualShock 5.

What will the PS5 controller look like?

Sony has yet to reveal the final design of the PS5 controller, but once again, we can refer to history. The basic design of every PlayStation controller is very similar. The PS4 pad made the most changes, with its touch pad, Share and Options buttons, and improved triggers. We expect the PS5 controller will look largely the same.

Peter Rubin from Wired has spoken about an early version of the PS5 controller, which he said "looks an awful lot like the PS4's DualShock 4".

How much will a PS5 controller cost?

To be honest, we don't know yet. Of course, the PlayStation 5 will come with at least one controller when you buy your console, but we aren't sure how much they will be on their own. Considering that official PS4 controllers have an RRP of $59.99, we imagine the cost will be about the same or slightly higher. We'll update this guide when we know more.

What new features will the PS5 controller have?

Here's where we can speak with more certainty. Thanks to Wired, we know about a couple of the PS5 controller's major innovations.

Firstly, the PS5 controller will replace regular rumble with far more advanced haptic feedback. Instead of the whole controller vibrating as we've all become accustomed to, it will be capable of providing a wide range of different tactile sensations. For example, if you're playing a platformer and you're running around on ice, you'll be able to "feel" that the surface is slippery. Testing out a version of Gran Turismo Sport running on a PS5 dev kit, Peter Rubin explains he could feel the difference of two different surfaces simultaneously. "Driving on the border between the track and the dirt, I could feel both surfaces," He said. Haptic feedback should make for much more effective immersion.

Next up is adaptive triggers. The L2 and R2 buttons on a PS4 pad are fine, but what if you could feel the resistance of a taut string on a bow, or the clink of pulling the trigger on a gun? That's what the PS5 controller will be able to provide. The triggers on the PS5 controller will "offer varying levels of resistance" to further cement you in the game's world. This combined with the haptic feedback should achieve some pretty amazing results.

The Wired article also briefly speaks about what it assumes is a microphone on the PS5 controller. If this does turn out to be a microphone, it will mean we can use voice commands with no need for an external mic.

PS5 controller battery life

It seems that the PS5 controller will have improved battery life compared to the infamously power hungry PS4 pad. The PS5 controller will have larger capacity batteries to ensure longer continued usage than the PS4 pad. It will also have a more up to date charger cable; you'll charge the PS5 controller with a USB Type-C connector.

Do you like the sound of the PS5 controller? What other features do you want? Take control in the comments below, and check out our PS5 FAQ for the full lowdown.