Street Fighter V PS4

Most video game genres can translate well to a streaming service if you've got a good enough connection, but there's one type of experience that is always going to suffer no matter what. Fighting games, especially when played competitively, rely on frame-perfect combo moves and intricate playstyles the further up you go, and any amount of lag is going to be a detriment to that. It's unplayable for professional players, and it looks like Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono agrees.

During a panel at EGX 2019, the Capcom figurehead said that if a fighting game were to take advantage of streaming services, it would need to be built from the ground up for it. "The thing is that the current games are only transmitting the actual inputs and commands across the network and all the graphics and so forth are handled locally, even then we have difficulty getting it working right." Ono then goes on to state that doing Street Fighter V on the likes of Google Stadia would be too difficult at the current level.

"If we could create a game that was designed from the ground up to be put out on of these streaming platforms, that might be more feasible in the future." He then goes on to comically coin the term "Stream Fighter" before wrapping up the panel.

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