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  • News Death Stranding Development Sounds Like the Weirdest Thing

    "What are you talking about?"

    From the looks of things, Death Stranding is a bit of an odd game. With a Bridge Baby strapped to his chest, The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus must reconnect an America in ruins. It's a weird premise indeed, and it sounds like development of the title was just as bizarre. Speaking with Hollywood Reporter, Reedus...

Thursday31st Oct 2019

Wednesday30th Oct 2019

Tuesday29th Oct 2019

  • News EA Planning for PS5 As It Cans NBA Live 20

    Zero points

    Update: EA's explained that it was planning an "innovative new direction" for NBA Live 20 that would provide "new ways for players to engage, connect, and create through basketball". However, since learning more about the PS5, it's decided to postpone its plans. More details will be announced next year, as it plans to emphasise "social...

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