Project Resistance Teaser Resident Evil Multiplayer

While we haven't quite fully come around on the idea of the latest Resident Evil spin-off, Project Resistance, we reckon there's a chance that it could turn out to be a decent multiplayer experience in the end. Although, if we want to keep to ourselves, it turns out that the game will ship with a narrative-based offline mode.

Speaking with PlayStation Blog, game producer Takao Uehara said: "The version we showed at TGS 2019 was an online game mode, but we are fully aware that there many are Resident Evil fans that expect the story in the game. In an effort to satisfy our fans, we will have an offline mode that is focused on the narrative component."

We're not entirely sure whether this will be a fully-fledged single player campaign, but it's nice to know that there will be something for those not looking to team up all the time. It'll most likely turn out to be a quick series of levels that uses the same assets from the multiplayer maps if we had to put money on it.

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