It's Outbreak Day today, everyone. The date when the cordyceps virus began to spread uncontrollably in The Last of Us, Naughty Dog celebrates the 26th September each year with merchandise, giveaways, and more. Part of this year's celebrations include hands-on previews of The Last of Us: Part II, which will be made available this afternoon, but it seems that's not all we're getting today.

A brand new dynamic PlayStation 4 theme was discovered on the New Zealand PS Store. Now removed, the 'Grunge' theme is black and white, and has a distressed, almost VHS-style look with some new music in the background. You can see it in action above.

It's likely this is one of the treats fans can look forward to later today, when Naughty Dog spills the beans on all its Outbreak Day goodies. What do you think of this theme? Will you be using it to celebrate Outbreak Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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