The Surge 7

How do you kill Ezra Shields in The Surge 2? How do you beat Ezra Shields? The game's sixth main boss is another two-phase but we can employ a few simple tricks and tactics to get the better of her. Here's how you beat Ezra Shields in The Surge 2.

How to Beat Ezra Shields in The Surge 2

Ezra Shields is the enemy you'll fight in the second phase of the fight, but first you'll need to take out the gigantic mech they're sat in. Make sure to focus on one leg as you dodge its attacks and you'll eventually break the armour casing. Once done, focus all of your energy on beating that limb to a pulp as fast as you can because the armour does come back after a short time. The mech has a minigun and flame-based aoe attacks you'll need to avoid, but that's fairly simple to do by just keeping your distance.

You won't be able to take down its health bar in its entirety in one go, so come back for a second or third helping once the armour has recharged on the mech's legs. Once that's down, Ezra Shields will emerge from the wreckage of the mech - but that doesn't mean it's completely out of the action.

Ezra Shields plays out like any other typical boss fight - you'll need to dodge the lightning-quick attacks and dash in to make your own quick stabs before retreating again, but what makes this encounter a bit more unique is that the mech can still fire at you. It'll occasionally use its laser beam to chip away at your health while your attention is on Ezra Shields, so you need to be aware of your surroundings at all times. With a keen finger on the dodge button, you should have this boss fight over and done with fairly quickly.