Just announced at Gamescom Opening Night Live, Everspace 2 is the follow-up to last year's initial effort from Rockfish Games, although this new experience takes the space explorer in a different direction. Check out the announcement trailer above.

Rather than sticking to its routes and expanding on the original's roguelike elements, Everspace 2 is "an open-world space shooter with classic RPG elements and persistent player progression." Storytelling is receiving an overhaul with a much larger focus on the plot itself as well as far more ships for you to control.

With EVERSPACE 2, we are making a big leap towards an open-world space shooter, but will still remain true to our DNA and offer exactly what our fans love: A beautiful fantastic sci-fi world paired with uncompromising space action that gets down to business right away.

The game isn't set to hit PlayStation 4 until 2021, with a Kickstarter campaign planned for Everspace 2 that kicks off on 9th September with a funding goal of €450,000. Are you interested in this galactic mission? Pilot your ship in the comments below.