The release of Control signals that video games are back! Its launch on 27th August is the first in a long, long line of titles that'll be hitting PlayStation 4 over the course of the next few months, but if this launch trailer is anything to go by, you won't want to skip on Remedy's return to a Sony system.

The clips shown tease an intriguing that's set to take place within the confines of the Oldest House, while combat is surely a focus thanks to all of the protagonist's superpowers. You'll hover about the battlefield and throw pieces of debris back at the enemy to score a kill. The breathing weapon in Jesse's hands looks just as bizarre as some of the more elaborate monsters you'll come up against.

Return to Push Square next Monday for our full review, but until then, marvel at this impressive launch trailer. Are you planning on picking up Control? Toss us a rock in the comments below.