When Control was announced back at Sony's E3 2018 press conference, we weren't immediately sold, but Remedy's new game is looking really rather interesting these days. Last month, we got to see some new gameplay, and IGN has just released a new video covering the first 13 minutes of the mysterious adventure.

We can't help but wonder what on Earth's happening at the Federal Bureau of Control. A sinister force known as the Hiss seems to be invading our reality, and the whole game seems to take place inside a stark, ever-shifting building named The Oldest House. Other than that, and protagonist Jesse's connection to the mystery and her unexplained powers, we know very little about the title. We're only a handful of weeks from the game's launch, but we'd rather not have anything more explained.

What do you think of Control? Do you like its unusual presentation and sci-fi narrative? Pick up your service weapon in the comments below.

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