We're starting to learn a bit more about Control, the next game from Remedy Entertainment, in the run up to launch. We know about its combat, which makes use of a shapeshifting gun, and protagonist Jesse's supernatural powers, which fold neatly into fighting and puzzle solving. What's most exciting about the game, though, is the sense of mystery around the story; understandably, details on the narrative have been kept to a minimum.

In this new gameplay video, we don't find out anything pertaining to the story, but we do get to see Jesse exploring The Oldest House, the strange, constantly changing environment in which the game takes place. The game is looking pretty promising, with punchy combat and an intriguing mystery to uncover. It looks as though you'll be able to explore at your own pace, too.

The game is out on 27th August. What do you think of Control? Are you interested in figuring out what's happening in this unusual sci-fi adventure? Take back control in the comments below.

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